Community Education Programs

Thank you for enquiring into our Community Education Programs.

All Tours are currently on hold whilst we reassess our opportunities to deliver future programs post Covid 19.

We are currently rejuvenating our Education Programs to not only ensure they are COVID-Safe but, are also using our resources in the most efficient way to reach our community when it comes to education on the waste and recycling service.

Virtual Presentations

We are hosting some online presentations using the ZOOM Video Conferencing website which you can access on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. We will send out the details for the online presentation closer to the scheduled date to your registered email address.

Recycling on the Central Coast: Thursday 3rd June 2021 @ 4pm How bin wise are you? Do you know which bin your pizza boxes go in and the best way to dispose of your household batteries? ​​​Join us for this special online presentation from Cleanaway for a detailed education session that will answer all those queries you have about your recycling and rubbish on the Central Coast! Register for further details.

Plastic Free July Tips: Wednesday 21st July 2021 @ 12pm In this online presentation we are going to showcase some single use disposable plastic items you may be using each day (maybe without even realising they are plastic!) Plus, we will be giving you some alternative reusable items to swap out these items with. Would you make the switch? Have you already? When it comes to waste management, let’s get educated and get it sorted, because together, we can make a sustainable future possible. Register for further details.

Other Community Education Resources

We have the following resources available for you to use to help learn about waste and recycling:

  • Video Hub: Videos on all the different services on the Waste & Recycling Services on the Central Coast.
  • Social Media: Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on all the important Waste & Recycling Issues.
  • Information Resource: Need to find out what happens to your recycling on the Central Coast or how a landfill works? Download our Recycling and Waste Management on the Central Coast Information Resource. It is full of up-to-date information and links to relevant videos on managing waste, recycling, garden vegetation and reducing waste on the Central Coast.
  • Activity & Colouring Sheets: Our downloadable information sheets and educational resources helps encourage and improve sustainable practices in your home, school and workplace.

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