IMPORTANT NOTICE BULK WASTE SERVICES: The temporary pause on booking a bulk kerbside collection has been removed and Central Coast residents are now able to book a bulk kerbside service. Our workforce is still impacted by the current Covid-19 virus outbreak, however the new isolation rules have lessened the impact and we will be able to resume services at a limited capacity. As we are still experiencing resource shortages, the full-service capacity may not become available for a few weeks and therefore residents may find that they are offered a booking date in a few weeks’ time. If you do book a bulk kerbside service, ensure you check the date of your booking and place your bulk waste on the kerbside the day before your booking date. We want to thank the Central Coast Community for their patience. x

Enter your property details to get bin collection day details. You can also download a collection calendar for the year.

Alternatively, you can contact the Cleanaway Customer Service Centre on 1300 1COAST (1300 126 278) for a Collection Calendar to be emailed or posted to you.

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