The Central Coast Council’s recycling and waste services are open to selected business including Schools. All Council services are charged via the rates system.

Services available include:

  • Red lid general waste bins – weekly collection
    • 140 litre wheelie bin
    • 240 litre wheelie bin
    • 360 litre wheelie bin
  • Red lid general waste bins – bulk bins
    • 660 litre bulk bin
    • 1 cubic metre bulk bin
    • 1.5 cubic metre bulk bin
  • Yellow lid recycling bins – fortnightly collection
    • 240 litre wheelie bin
    • 360 litre wheelie bin
  • Green lid garden bins – fortnightly collection
    • 240 litre wheelie bin

Only property owners can request a new waste service. If you rent the premises for your business, you will need to contact the managing agent or the owner to discuss these services.

To organise a new business waste service, the owner or managing agent of the property needs to fill out the appropriate Waste Services Request Form below.

Just moved in?

If you have recently moved into a residential or commercial property and don’t have bins onsite, please contact Council to confirm what bins are included in the rates for your property prior to completing a New & Additional Waste Service Request Form.

If you are missing bins that are allocated to your property, you can obtain replacement bins by calling 1300 126 278 or via the Booking Portal

For new or additional waste services please complete the form below.

Waste Services Request Forms

Commercial Properties

New & Additional Commercial Waste Services Request Form 2024-2025