Little Sorters Early Learning Program

The Little Sorters Early Learning Program initiates behaviour change within Early Learning Centres and Preschools to encourage a reduction of waste and increase in recycling.

The program involves:

  1. A mini audit of waste produced at the Centre. Completed by teachers and students, this will result in an opportunity to talk about waste produced and how to reduce this.
  2. Completing pre-visit activities therefore ensuring the concept of waste & recycling is understood by students before Cleanaway visit.
  3. A ‘Bin Wise’ education session from Cleanaway. This will cover the 3 bins, what we can put in them, a ‘recycle relay’ sorting game to practice what we have learnt plus a visit from a garbage truck.
  4. Further resources provided for the Centre and families providing ongoing education of the waste and recycling service.

Completing a Waste Audit


How to get involved:

The first thing you need to do is to complete a waste audit at your Early Learning Centre or Preschool.


Pre-Visit Activities:

You will also need to complete the following pre-visit activities before your Cleanaway Bin Wise visit.

1st Pre-Visit Activity: Watch our garbage truck safety and landfill video.

This video talks about the importance of being safe around garbage trucks, finding safe spots to watch garbage trucks emptying bins, finding out about landfills on the Central Coast plus a fun garbage truck song with actions at the end!

2nd Pre-Visit Activity: Watch the Recycling on the Central Coast Video

Watch the video and discuss with your children the 4 main items we can recycle in the Yellow Lid Bin:

  1. Plastic bottles and containers;
  2. Metal food, drink and spray cans;
  3. Glass bottles and jars;
  4. Paper and cardboard.

3rd Pre-Visit Activity: Complete the 3 Bins Activity Sheet

Talk about the 3 bins, the different coloured lids and which rubbish items we place in each. Give each child an activity sheet and a red, green and yellow pencil and as a group discuss which bin the rubbish items should go in and ask them to circle or colour in the rubbish item the colour of the lid.

Optional Pre-Visit Activities

You may choose to also complete the following activities prior to our visit.

  1. Watch Play Schools Green Team Episodes:
  2. Play Schools Green Team Early Education Notes:
  3. Try a ‘Waste Free Lunch’ Day at your centre:
  4. Collect empty boxes and bottles and re-use them in craft – there are lots of ideas online.

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