Activity Sheets and Classroom Resources

Making sustainability a way of life is easier than you think. Our downloadable information sheets and educational resources helps encourage and improve sustainable practices in your home, school and workplace:

Student / Teacher Information Resource

Have an assignment due on waste management or recycling on the Central Coast? Need to find out what happens to your recycling or how a landfill works? Download our Recycling and Waste Management on the Central Coast – Information Resource  – it’s full of up to date information and links to relevant videos on managing waste, recycling, garden vegetation and reducing waste on the Central Coast.

Activity Sheets

Sorting Your Recycling Colouring In

A picture of our busy Materials Recovery Facility for you to colour in! This is where all our recycling is sorted.

Wriggling Worms Colouring In

A picture of a Worm Farm for you to colour in! Learn all about the foods these wrigglers love to eat.

Mr Yellow the Recycle Bin Colouring In

A picture of Mr Yellow for you to colour in! Learn all about the items you can recycle in your yellow lid bin.

Mrs Green the Garden Bin Colouring In

A picture of Mrs Green for you to colour in! Learn all about the items you can compost in your green lid bin.

Lil’ Red the General Waste Bin Colouring In

A picture of Lil’ Red for you to colour in! Learn all about the items you can throw away in your red lid bin.

Three Bins Colouring In

Do you know which rubbish goes into the 3 different bins? Colour them in red for rubbish, green for garden and yellow for recycling!

Collection Day Colouring In

A picture of a recycle truck emptying bins for you to colour in.

Plastic Bags Colouring In

Do you take your own bags to the supermarket? Learn why it’s important to d so with this fun colouring in picture!

Activity Booklet

Six pages of fun for you to complete whilst learning about recycling! We have find-a-words, a maze, spot-the-difference and a crossword to keep you busy.

Knuckles Game

An easy and fun game to educate children about the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

Foldable Truck

Create your own Cleanaway truck with this foldable sheet.

Truck Colouring Sheet

Encourage creativity with this truck colouring sheet.


Kids love garbage trucks! Let’s find out how to be safe around the trucks on bin day and see what happens to the rubbish from the red lid waste bins when it arrives at the landfill.

A series of videos teaching you all about which items you can and cannot recycle on the Central Coast.

Recycling and sustainability fact sheets

Get the facts about recycling and learn about sustainability with our printable fact sheets below:

Busting recycling myths

Get the straight facts on some of the most common recycling myths: