1Coast School News

Welcome to 1Coast School News! This newsletter will be a regular feature for schools on the Central Coast. The newsletter can be accessed online and it would be great if you can email the link out to any Central Coast teachers you know.

1st Edition – Term 2 / 2021

Learn about what resources we have available for Central Coast schools, this edition see’s a focus on food waste reduction in schools with a suggestion of swapping play and eating times to help with this and a teacher recycling quiz to test your knowledge and win a prize! 1Coast School News – 1st Edition

2nd Edition – September 2021

Learning in lockdown is tough! In this edition we introduce you to our new online learning portal and give you some other resources to help with educating our Coastie Kids during lockdown. 1Coast School News – Sept 2021

3rd Edition – October 2021

In this edition teachers will be given resources to use during National Recycling Week (8-14 November) plus some tips on how to have a low waste Halloween. 1Coast School News – Oct 2021

4th Edition – November 2021

It’s National Recycling Week (8-14 November) – find out about online webinars to increase your learning to help you recycle more and reduce your waste! Plus we share all the syllabus links for our programs to the NSW Schools Curriculum. 1Coast School News – Nov 2021

5th Edition – December 2021

Don’t Waste Christmas! In this edition we share our top tips for recycling more and wasting less across the Festive Season. You also have the opportunity to tell us how you think we should run WExpo 2022 – An educational event for Central Coast Schools. 1Coast School News – Dec 2021

6th Edition – January 2022

Back to school! In this edition we remind teachers of the local learning opportunities that can be added into their lesson plans. We have COVID safe programs that teachers can implement in the classroom without the need for a visitor to attend the school. 1Coast School News – Jan 2022