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RECYCLING BIN Collected Fortnightly

Your yellow bin is for recycling only. This bin is collected fortnightly on the same day as your red lidded garbage bin, but on the alternate weeks to your garden vegetation bin.

What to place in your yellow recycling bin:

Paper & Cardboard including Newspaper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Fresh Milk & Juice Cartons, Cardboard Boxes & Packaging;


Aluminium Cans & Foil including Aluminium Beverage Cans, Clean Aluminium Foil & Pie Trays;


Steel & Aerosol Cans including Steel Food Cans, Pet Food Cans, Baby Formula Tins, Coffee & Milo Tins, Fly Spray Can, Hairspray Can, Deoderant Spray Can & Air Freshener Spray Can;


Rigid Plastic Bottles & Containers including all disposable rigid plastic bottles & containers, such as Milk Bottles, Yoghurt Containers, Margarine Tubs, Shampoo Bottles, Take-Away Containers & Laundry Liquid Bottles;


Glass Bottles & Jars including all Brown, Green and Clear Glass Bottles & Jars such as Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles, Sauce Jars & Vitamin Bottles.                                                


  Lids including plastic and metal lids from bottles, jars and containers - place them in the recycle bin separately.


Recycling Tips!

Plastic Bags: When recycling, don't put your recyclables in a plastic bag. For safety reasons, staff at the recycling centre will not open plastic bags, no matter what the contents are. So anything in plastic bags will end up in landfill. To avoid contaminating the recycling stream, don't use plastic bags in your recycling bin - simply put your recyclable items into the bin loosely.

Drought Buster Recycling: Make sure recyclables such as jars, bottles and cans are empty and contain no liquid or food. So remove food scraps, tip out liquids and if needed give a wipe out. If you prefer to wash your recyclables - try using old dishwater instead of fresh water. Just a little bit of effort will reduce the smell in your bin and on the sorting lines.

What happens to your recycling?

A new fleet of trucks will empty all of your bins, with recyclables taken to a new materials recovery facility in Somersby. The resulting materials are sent to various recyclers, to be made back into paper, new containers, and various other products. -Click Here- for further information.

What NOT to place in your yellow recycling bin


Garden waste


Garden hoses


Kitchen and food scraps


Plastic bags and plastic wrap


Polystyrene foam


Clothing and linen


Paints and oils


Crockery, drinking glasses and pyrex


Disposable nappies


Syringes and medical waste


Long-life cartons


Shredded paper


Any other garbage

Please don’t bag your recycling.

If you put the wrong items into your recycling bin, it may not be collected.


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